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We were engaged to work with a relatively small housing association to help it devise a media plan for a process of change management involving the sale of some properties. The properties were being sold were high-value and the aim was to use the proceeds to provide many more modern homes, more appropriate to the needs of the organisation’s tenants. Despite this positive aim, it was expected that there may be a significant community backlash – led by the local paper. See Media worked with the client to do two things. First, write a communications plan for when the news of the planned sale was announced to staff and stakeholders. Second, write a crisis communications plan in case news of the sale leaked prior to the announcement. The success of the first communications plan meant the second crisis plan was never needed. The steps outlined in the first communications plan also ensured tenants, their families and other key stakeholders were kept fully informed at all stages. As a result, negative coverage was minimised and the sale proceeded as planned. 

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